History | Terboinox


Terboinox was founded in 2010 and is focused on the import and sale of metal goods made out of stainless steel and aluminum. Thanks to the many years of experience, Terboinox will always provide you with the best advice in choosing materials for your needs

The company’s vision is to strengthen the role of the leading company in the sale of stainless steel and aluminum on the Serbian market and markets of neighboring countries. The company pursues its main goal which is comprehensive business quality management to which our business plan is adjusted.

Thanks to its way of doing business and previous experience, Terboinox puts a great emphasis on the quality of its services and supply of its good to customers. In ever-changing business conditions, all companies must ensure timely and fast delivery of their goods, which is crucial today. Terboinox offers an increasingly high-quality portfolio, which is reflected in mutual business and long-term business cooperations.

Given the wide selection of reliable suppliers, these are some of our references:

  • products quality
  • affordable and competitive prices
  • fast and timely delivery - good logistics support
  • favorable terms of payment
  • regulated contracts

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